Restaurant in Nafplio, your next destination

Travel to your next destination

You decided to travel and the time has come. The beauty of the place you have chosen is perhaps the most important element in your choice. What is the second in your priorities? In terms of good food, in my opinion, the number one priority is a good restaurant in the area that will offer me a culinary experience. After all, according to surveys, 93% of travel is about food. So, find your restaurant in Nafplio, your next destination.

Special food during travelling, restaurants in Nafplio

               We have all looked strangely at someone who suggested a well-known food chain in the city we are about to visit. I do not think that anyone chooses a restaurant similar to the one would have in his neighborhood back home. The second best feeling on a trip is to be able to find a restaurant where you enjoy the food so much knowing that will never be able to enjoy it again. Restaurants in Nafplio can offer it.

Although many people spend their day on traveling with different activities for me every meal counts.

Ask the locals

               When I travel I ask the locals. I am sure that can help me definitely more than all guides or online. Do not be ashamed to ask for personal recommendations. In most cases, people happily share favorite restaurants of their city. There are restaurants in Nafplio that will not be able to find them in any other way.


               In addition, it is very important to just walk around. Walk and follow your scents and instinct. Find nicely decorated restaurants and smiling people, take a step closer to them and ask, maybe they will win you over, maybe they are not, worth trying. If you are lucky the result will be an experience to remember, a memory to take with you back home.

Leave the touristic area

               Based on what I love I would tell you to move away from the tourist area. Leave the lights and the crowd behind and keep walking. For sure there is a neighborhood with the best food in town at the best prices. There you will find the locals relaxing with a glass of wine and choosing dishes that will make you happy from the first bite this is what a number of restaurants in Nafplio can offer you.

Social Media

               If you do not want to bother walking and you are interested in finding the ideal place faster use social media. Many people use social media before leaving for their next destination or while they are there. Today all restaurants choose social media for their promotion. Use the hashtag of the area you are visiting, for example #nafplio, and you will definitely win.

Experiences in local restaurants in Nafplio

               Finally you can take part in a special experience. Many restaurants choose at noon not to operate ‘a la carte’ but to offer a special experience such as a cooking class or private chef experience. This way you will enjoy your meal in the best quality and at the same time you will get in touch with locals through whom you will gain knowledge and information about the place you are visiting, the culture and the special characteristics.

               Enjoy your travels and the restaurants you can discover. Feel happy and full of all you came across with. When in Nafplio visit our special restaurant, Savor Nafplio and join us in a culinary journey.