The weather in Nafplio

Before talking about the weather in Nafplio we should have a look where Nafplio is situated. Nafplio is the seat of the prefecture of Argolida and a city with a long history. At a distance of 150 km from Athens, Nafplio stretches between a large port and a high hill, at the top of which dominates the Castle of Palamidi. At the entrance of the port there is a small island with a nice fortress, Bourtzi which dates from the Venetian occupation.

The geography of Nafplio is characterized by rocky places that give wonderful views of the sea and its beaches. The hinterland of Nafplio is scattered by the large valley of Argos and some high mountains with small vegetation. Nafplio is surrounded by two large coves that give beautiful sandy beaches for swimming: the bay of Tolo on one side and Nea Kio on the other.

Weather and climate in Nafplio

Nafplio has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and very wet.

The best moments to go to Nafplio is spring and early autumn – April, May and September are the best months. The climate is very similar to that of Athens with maybe more of humidity. Winters are colder with greatest of humidity. The rains start in October and are frequent until their decrease in April.

Nafplio per season


Humidity and temperature are in balance so that the feeling they create is considered ideal. High temperature range from 25 °C to 12 °C with warmer temperatures coming in the next months. Rain is frequent with 4 to 7 days of significant rainfall per month. Spring is the second busiest season for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for special things to do.


The summer months have very good weather with high temperatures that are quite warm. These months show the least rainfall with a few days per month of rainfall mainly in June. June – August is the busiest time for tourism in Nafplio so consider that there are corresponding advantages or disadvantages.


The daily temperatures of Autumn range from 29 °C to 14 °C and the humidity is slowly starting to become more noticeable. The rain becomes more frequent with 4 to 6 days a month and of course tourism is at a lower level during these months.


The weather is very cold this season in Nafplio and the humidity makes this cold even more intense. The temperature is between 13 °C and 5 °C. It’s raining or snowing a lot: steadily about 8 times a month. As you understand, this is not the easiest time to enjoy it.

Nafplio at all seasons

Despite the weather, cold or heat, Nafplio is one of the most beautiful as well as the most romantic cities in all of Greece. Come any time of the year and enjoy it. Its history and beauty will enchant you. It is as beautiful with people in its picturesque alleys as it is empty with only one couple walking in Syntagma Square. Enjoy your drink by the sea or a glass of red wine on a rainy night at a Bar in the Old Town.

Experiences in Nafplio despite the weather

Experiences despite the weather Nafplio, is small but a number of experiences can offer you great time of vacations depending the weather. Even if you decide a day on a sailing boat, cycling, wine tasting, cooking classes or a private chef experience for sure you will feel more that special in our town and the weather will just follow. Feel the hospitality at any time of the year, it will definitely be a favorite memory for you and a place you will want to return to.