The ‘’Joy’’ of cooking experiences in Nafplio

What drives me to cook? Why do I do it? Does it give me something to return? How do I feel after the job is done? These are always the questions I have on my mind moments before I start a new cooking assignment or new cooking experiences in Nafplio. Thank god are answered immediately after.

What drives me to cook: The simply joy of a man who takes something raw from nature in its simplicity and transforms it into something totally different. To extract the most of everything I use and corporate my plan for greatness. Sometimes the outcome is so mind blowing and I am so happy with myself that I cannot stand it.

Why do I do it: Of course it’s a job (you are probably saying) but not so many jobs give that amount of satisfaction by doing it. To be a cook is a tough job but maybe is the only one that gives back so quickly marvellous results. Results as a smell, a taste, a picture combined to a single thing, a plate, experiences in Nafplio can offer it.

It gives me something in return: In this line of work the response comes directly after. It’s a look, a smile, a feeling of fullness from a customer to make your day.

When the job is done all you got is happiness. You have been part of somebody else’s life. You have contributed in his or hers beautiful experience and you were a big part of it. This is precious, this is why I do it.

After all experiences matter more that things and are all extraordinary. Savor all your experiences in Nafplio the city that you will love and will be the one that you will want to return to.

by chef Costas Papastamatis