Summer vacations in Nafplio city, what to do

Summer in Nafplio, what to do in Nafplio

What we all love about the summer season is being carefree, swimming in blue waters and vacations. Most of us like to combine the season with the Greek islands as they are so special and represent to a great extent the Greek beauty. Nevertheless, tourism in mainland Greece during the summer has a particularly large increase so we see that summer vacations can take place in cities, equally beautiful. For example, if you are interested in spending a few days in Athens and then visiting the Peloponnese, Nafplio is one of the must-visit destinations,

Nafplio, a favorite destination for everyone, locals and non-locals alike, as its beauty is truly unique. Nafplio is the first capital of Greece, with a special history and today a large volume of tourism. In less than two hours away from Athens you have the opportunity to find yourself in front of a small treasure. If you love history there is a lot to admire. From the contribution of Ioannis Kapodistrias to the Europeanization of the city, the old mosque that today is the venue of the city and was the first Parliament, Akronafplia and the events that took place in it to Bourtzi and Palamidi you will be able to fill, if you are interested, in knowledge. The city is especially famous for the last two fortresses. With the former being on an island in the port of the city and the latter looking at visitors from above we need not to mention that it is necessary to visit them. You are just a boat and 999 steps away that will take you to the jewels of the city of Nafplio.

Beaches in Nafplio

Regarding the beaches we can start with the closer one. Arvanitia beach is an organized beach in the center of Nafplio, a great choice to enjoy your swim. You start if you want with a walk the one known as the “tour of Arvanitia”, under the walls of Akronafplia and continue with dives and coffee at the Beach Bar on the beach. Karathona is the next, just a 20‘ walk and you can dive in its waters while the next Kondili or otherwise Agios Nikolaos as the locals call it will win you over at first sight. Kondili is the beach you must visit if you plan to stay more than two days, as it is outside the city of Nafplio but it is worth enjoying the route. It is important to mention that in both cases you can enjoy the beach bars or enjoy the beach with your own equipment. The choice is yours.

Fun in Nafplio city

 As for entertainment in the city, there are several restaurants, bars and cafes in both the Old Town and the New. The traditional taverns are also suitable to make a stop after a long day, while even a walk in the picturesque alleys of the city with an ice cream in hand, will take you to the atmosphere of an island. Do not miss to pass Syntagma Square, Filellinon and Trion Admirals Square, the port and the lighthouse located opposite the magnificent Bourtzi.

Experiences in Nafplio

If you are still looking for some fun, alternative activity to fill your days there, you can rent a bicycle with your friends, a four seats one! This way, you can go around the city faster and of course, more fun. Water sports on the beach of Kondyli and Karathonas, are also available for you who are looking for something more extreme or choose a hiking day enjoying the picturesque landscape.

Food and wine experience in Nafplio

For food and wine experiences do not forget to visit Savor Nafplio for a cooking class, a private chef experience, a tour to the wineries or just a wine tasting,

Closing, the summer holidays in Nafplio are unique and can be equal to those you would do on an island, as the options it offers vary. Visit us and enjoy, see you in Nafplio.