Nemea is located 110km southwest of Athens at an altitude of 312 meters.

It took its name from the homonymous Nymph. She was the daughter of Asopos, the river that crosses and still irrigates its plain and vineyard. Until 1923, Nemea was called Agios Georgios by the Byzantine church. The name Nemea was first mentioned in 1840 and was established in the city after World War II.

History of Nemea

Its history is lost in the depths of the centuries. Findings that have come to light show that the area of ​​Nemea has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Ancient Nemea was an important site in antiquity because of the well-known myth of Hercules and the lion of Nemea. However, the area was particularly important from the 6th to the 3rd century BC. . Mainly, because of the games of Nemea that took place there every two years in the summer. These Games were considered one of the four most important events, after the Olympic Games, Pythia and Isthmia.

Wine in the area of Nemea

Wines make Nemea shine with fame. Nonetheless, this city has roots that are lost deep in the Peloponnesian land. Agiorgitiko is the main variety of the region. In addition to the quality that it hides, proves that most interesting and characteristic wines come from areas with history and traditions.

The wines of Nemea have always been of the most popular and beloved. We could note, long before the quality spring of Greek wine. Nemea wines are accepted by well-informed wine lovers. They love them not only for their distinctive style but also because more than any other wine are friendly, warm and with their velvety personality seem to “serve” light and enjoyment.

With the perception new producers have, as well as the willingness of the older ones to look even deeper into the possibilities of the region, Nemea’s wines will travel to new places. Agiorgitiko is a variety popular to wine producers and consumers. It offers great possibilities of flexibility to the winemaker. Depending on its origin Agiorgitiko grape can be used to produce a wide range of wines, from aromatic rosé to red. The region, however, is best known for its relatively light, fruity and easy-to-drink dry red wines, as well as solid reds. These require many years of aging in barrels and in the bottle before consumption.

Tourism in Nemea

Nemea has joined with great success the Wine Tourism. Its visitable wineries offer visitors unique moments that make their trip an experience will take together as a memory on their return. Everyone can combine tastes, aromas, history and culture during their visit. Step by step the visit evolves from a formal tour to a group of friends who exchange views, experiences and ideas around the table.

Savor Nafplio is always available to a day trip to Nemea. There, wine tasting will give you tastes and aromas. Additionally, book a meal in nature by our Chef who will introduce food and wine pairing experience as a result to remember.

Nonetheless, wherever you are savor the place and let the locals lead you on unforgettable paths.

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