Family vacations in Nafplio

Please forgive me but this article will have a personal note. In ‘Savor Nafplio’ we know about Family Vacations and we would like to develop them in our way.

Family Vacations ‘yesterday’

Relaxed on the terrace with a nice cup of coffee, while the whole day was filled up with children’s voices, business phone calls and appointments, a question has come up….which place should we visit for our summer family vacations?

And I justifiably dream of a beach bar, sunbeds, taverns on the beach, nap on the beach, walk at night in the picturesque alleys of the island and a drink late at night. And I do dream all of these because this is what I love on vacations. In addition, since dreams are free, let me travel on my dream vacations with my man and his bike.

All these took place a few years ago and will surely come again and although the first fleeting glance still sees this holiday years, now we are fortunate to be four.

Family Vacations ‘today’

So I come back and my second look finds my eldest son inflating the mattress and the little one building castles. We like the freedom of the space around us. So there are no sunbeds etc. and all the ‘accessories’ are placed by us.

I focus on children because as it is said with our children we have only 18 summers. Their memories will accompany them throughout their adult life. Our goal is all four of us to have great time but most of all, children. So we want balance to prevail, relaxed dives and moments of activity.

Program on family vacations˙ yes it is true

What always helps me on holidays with children is planning. We do get bored easily so early in the morning the program comes out.

Family vcations and Experiences focused on children

Sandy beaches win during the summer. There, some of us enjoy the sand, some others the diving and some their book. And our morning will end with great lunch and a nap.

But the afternoon comes and the time for a walk too. We want our walk to have an educational character. Fortunately in Greece there are archeological sites, beautiful sights and activities that will keep the interest of all of us alive in any area we are. So we choose the attraction of the area and learn everything about it.

Next morning is special, we will get dirty in the kitchen, think about it and take a cooking class too. Children will discover the world of cooking and healthy eating. Kids are going crazy, ours have one more reason because they get in dad’s shoes.

In the evening explore the countryside by bike or walk and get closer to nature. All these will offer them invaluable experiences. Take long walks during the sunset. There is always something that will attract their interest. End up down town in the village for ice cream. What I really don’ t know is who is waiting for the ice-cream more, children or me.

Variety in Greece

Greece is definitely the best destination for holidays. It combines sea and mountain, beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, organized hotels and the possibility of camping. Covers virtually all tastes, needs and moods for unforgettable vacations. Safe, hospitable, with a wonderful climate, beautiful nature, landscapes that alternate, our country gives the opportunity for many different options. Complete relaxation or activities and adventure.

Local tourist offices are always ready to support you

Find out before your trip all the activities you can enjoy with children in which they will take an active role or trust the local activity office.

Savor Nafplio is specialized in children-centered activities. Discover the Old Town of Nafplio through fairy tales. Visit a winery, explore the vineyard and learn about the production process. Cook and feel the joy of creation. Visit archeological sites or be enchanted by the experience of Sailing. We are always available to meet all the needs your family has and full feel them with a program tailor made to your time and wants.

We love family and know how important it is for everyone to have a great time.

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