Cooking class in Nafplio, live cooking & wine pairing

We have passion about Cooking Class and Live Cooking but first let’s talk about Nafplio.

Nafplio City

Nafplio is a city in the Peloponnese, the capital of Argolis and the main port of the eastern Peloponnese.

In Greek mythology, Nauplius (“Seafarer”) founded Nauplia, where the modern city of Nafplion is situated. The city was made the official capital of Greece from 1828 to 1833 by Count Ioannis Kapodistrias. Today, it is described as a traditional town.

The historical center of Nafplion, the Old Town, is located on a small peninsula in the Argolic Gulf. Its features include history and stunning beauty. You will come across elegant cobblestones, blooming bougainvilleas well-preserved neoclassical mansions and the fact that Nafplio is the ultimate travel destination.

The perfect place for all four seasons

Every year a great number of thousands of visitors are welcomed in Nafplio city. This place is ideal for all seasons. Nafplio can be fun during autumn and winter thanks to its mild climate. A number of places are still open, like restaurants, bar, museums and other monuments. What is really great is the capability to enjoy a walk in the small streets next to the neoclassical houses and picturesque cafés 365 days per year. Additionally, you may choose an experience, like a cooking class, which will accompanies you forever.

What to do in Nafplio

Start your first day in Nafplio with a spectacular breakfast made with fresh, Greek ingredients, to fuel yourself with the energy. You will need it for a long day of exploration.

Then the time has come to visit two of the most historically significant and culturally emblematic castles in Greece, Palamidi and Akronafplia. After you’ve explored these enjoy a long walk along Nafplio’s seaside.

By now, the time has come for a great meal. Is time to visit a tavern, a restaurant or have a cooking class or live cooking experience from Savor Nafplio, an experience that will turn your day to a day to remember.

After a nap you surely need to get ready for a magnificent night in the city of Nafplio. Don’t hesitate to grab an ice cream and just walk around the old Parliament of Nafplio, the Syntagma Square and the ‘Trianon’ theatre.

Your second day in the city of Nafplio will be just as adventurous and exciting as your first one. A rich breakfast is once again mandatory.

After that it’s time for a boat ride to Bourtzi, the Venetian castle located in the middle of the port of Nafplion. Following your return from Bourtzi, you can explore the countryside.

A 30’ minutes’ drive to Nemea, the region ‘next door’, can offer you the possibility to discover the world of wine. Pick two or three out of the about 50 wineries there are in the area and have a wine tour. This could be combined with a cooking class, or a live cooking by a private chef. Savor Nafplio is always available to organise an experiences like this.

Your last night at Nafplio should be the relaxing one. Therefore enjoy a drink -or two- either at Nafplio’ port with a view of the beautiful Bourtzi or at Syntagma Square.

Passion about Cooking Class and Live Cooking

As noted we have a passion with Cooking Class and Live Cooking.

Additionally when this is combined with wine tasting makes us more than happy. Great ingredients, great techniques and our Chef ready to cover all your wishes in front of you. This is for us what a great meal looks like.

Nonetheless, there is one more reason about our passion with cooking class and live cooking. Through both of them we give special start to a new relationship.

Why do we travel? We travel to meet new cultures, people and habits. When you visit a restaurant the food will be great and the wine too. Nonetheless, no-one will discuss with you or inform you about the history of the plate or how the menu was inspired. If you want more than a visit and you enjoy to come in contact with locals give us the opportunity to offer you happy moments and moments to remember.

Enjoy every step in Nafplio City and then meet us to give answers in any question may come up. Relax in our perfect environment and feel like locals do.

Experiences, like cooking class, in travelling

Travelling is not about destinations, it’s about experiences.

When we think back on our travels, we don’t talk only about how amazing a country was, we remember moments.

Travel Experiences give travellers the ability to experience the local culture while they travel.

What we do believe is the best to do is to find the balance between travelling and vacations. Walk, explore, put the alarm on but do not forget to relax, take your time and enjoy.

Concerning Nafplio, Savor Nafplio can offer you all the directions. Like this your trip to this special destination will be the place you will always want to return. Travel experiences is what we enjoy to offer. Choose our cooking classes or live cooking and our chef will trust you all the secrets for a special plate. Discover how food and wine can give a unique character to your meal.

Have fun and go back home having in mind persons that you had great time with.

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