About Food Ethics and food in Nafplio

Is food like love and war? Is all fair in food? What are the boundaries, we, professionals shall never cross? Is the current law enough by itself? What measures should everybody take to ensure a sustainable future for all of us and our children? Is food in Nafplio following the rules?

We should take action for food

No! Not everything is fair in the need of human race to be fed. Ethics and rules are very important. Seasonality and sustainability is key to our survival. We live on a beautiful planet and myself maybe at the most beautiful small part of it – Nafplio – Greece. Imagine me, as a Greek chef, buying and serving baby octopus to my customers or family. Is it enough not to do it or should I have taken some kind of action at least to frown upon it. These are difficult questions and I think that everybody is responsible to do whatever their hearts and minds allow them to.

Food Experiences and sustainability in food in Nafplio

Our customers come to us for their experiences and we have to offer them the best food in Nafplio of everything our land provides us, always with seasonality and sustainability of the species in mind. Then and only then, they will all have a profound understanding of Greece, Nafplio and will Savor both.

Professionals of the culinary world can act

These rules must be applied not only to our customers but to our lives and families also. The professionals of the culinary world must be informed of what nature can and can not give. We must give the example and inform whoever is willing to listen. We must apply pressure to our governments to enforce the law in all occasions with no prejudice and ‘no looking the other way’ to close interests. If the law is not enough we should join others or recruit them, if necessary, so our voice to become bigger. We must care for the nest – earth that nature gave us because if we do not this nest will break and will through us down in the ground.      

Love the nature, our planet and enjoy with restrictions in mind great food in Nafplio.

by chef Costas Papastamatis